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Robin by Dave Itzkoff
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With HBO releasing Robin Williams: Come inside my mind documentary, I thought it would be a good idea to read one of his biographies to get to know him more. This one was written by Dave Itzkoff, a reporter for the New York Times who had the opportunity to interview Robin Williams several times and befriended him in the process.

I discovered Robin Williams through Mork and Mindy, Goodmorning Vietnam, The Dead Poet Society and many more movies. What I did not know about him was provided in this well-written biography. I uncovered his struggles as an actor, father, and husband. Robin Williams was a complexed being and even right to the moment of his death, he remained a misfit. One aspect of his life the book highlighted and made me appreciate him more was his philanthropic spirit. Robin Williams will forever be one of my favorite comedians. RIP Robin!

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