Review: The Keeper of Lost Things

The Keeper of Lost Things The Keeper of Lost Things by Ruth Hogan
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

"The Keeper of Lost Things" is a beautiful and touching story about loss, love, broken hearts and second chances. Anthony lost the love of his life in a tragic accident. He also lost the only thing that reminded him of Therese. Anthony searched everywhere to locate the object, but never found it... but he found many objects on his journey and collected them. Eunice found a medallion on the best day of her life. She starts working at Bomber's publishing company and finds a best friend for life. Bomber has a secret and is faced with his parents' health quick failing. Laura married young and to the wrong man. After divorcing, she becomes Anthony's personal assistant and her life is totally changed. Laura is charged with reuniting the lost objects that Anthony collected over the years to their original owners. Therese, Anthony's dead fiancée, has another agenda and she will not Laura sleep until she helps her. And there is also Sunshine, a "dancing drom", who is more insightful than all of them and knows how to make a nice cup of tea. There is a lot of tea drinking in this book; don't say I did not warn you. This might intrigue you; it surely intrigued me. Fantastic book!

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