Review: Reincarnation Blues

Reincarnation Blues Reincarnation Blues by Michael Poore
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Imagine you are given 10,000 chances to achieve perfection. Most people would not need this number of attempts. But, what if you tried 9,995 times and you are told that if you fail in reaching perfection in the remaining five times, your soul will be thrown into oblivion. This is what happened to Milo, a man who lived 9,995 lives and is now facing the end of all ends if he does not reach perfection in the next 5 lives. Milo is not alone in his journey; Suzie (a.k.a. Death), his beautiful lover, also seeks ways to help him achieve perfection and be together forever more. "Reincarnation Blues" is a unique and creative story filled with humour and thought-provoking passages. This is one of my favorite books for 2017.

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