Sunday, March 19, 2017

The Chronicles of a French Gardener --- Part 3

My garden is growing well and it is now time to transplant the pods into larger pots. 

I know it is time because the roots are coming through the pods.

I use mostly Jiffy pots because I can transplant, plants and pots together in the garden in the Spring.

I buy rich black dirt as it it full of nutrients for the plants.

I fill up the pots to about half way.

I press the dirt in the centre and add a single pot. I am very careful not to damage the plant during this process. I fill the pot with more dirt and press to make sure the pod is well surrounded.

I put all the pots into a tray to gather the extra water when watering the plants and for ease of transportation.

I keep all the plants in a well lite area. Darren got me plastic shelf which fits perfectly all my trays.

More growth is expected and I will need to make sure that the plants are watered regularly.

Stay tuned for more! Happy gardening!


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