Review: Fire Touched

Fire Touched Fire Touched by Patricia Briggs
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I am a big fan of Mercy Thompson! This is the ninth book in the series and I enjoyed it as much as the other eight. It was a bit more subdued than the last one, but still very entertaining.

Mercy Thompson is the protagonist of the book series. She is a Native American supernatural being called a "Walker" (a.k.a. shapeshifter) who can turns into a coyote when she wants. Her father is a spirit called Coyote who had taken the form of a Blackfeet Indian when met her mother, a young Caucasian teen. Mercy is a mechanic and a bad "arss" fighter. She has a big heart and her desire to help others often gets her in deep doodoo, but she always prevails.

The series follows Mercy through many adventures where she encounters a variety of supernatural beings; each one more interesting than the previous one. The books are filled with action adventures, epic battles and troubles waiting at every corner. This is an adult series as it contains heated love scenes and deals with mature subject matters. Definitely very engaging!

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