Mistress Of Nothing by Kate Pullinger

Mistress Of NothingMistress Of Nothing by Kate Pullinger
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This is the next book we will be discussing at my book club. I liked it, but found it dragging at times. The character of Lucy Duff Gordon was so likable at the the beginning of the book and so despicable half way through. I really never understood why she despised Sally so much. On the other hand, I had a hard time feeling sympathy for Sally Naldrett for what she did with Omar Abu Halaweh.

"I was full of passion, he said; I have always been full of passion, he said, I'd just never had a chance to display it before."

This passion brought much heartache to Sally. Sally's love for Omar was understandable, but logic should have prevailed when the fire started to burn between them.

Sally's journey is painful and full of obstacles. I do admire her determination and dedication to her son and I feel she found peace at last, although sadness never left her completely.

This book was a beautiful window to the Egyptian world and customs. I love all the Arabic words throughout the book. I wrote some down and hope to use them next time my Egyptian friends and I meet.

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