Saturday, August 18, 2012

The Sweet Girl by Annabel Lyon

The Sweet GirlThe Sweet Girl by Annabel Lyon
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

I won this book through the first-read contest. I would have given three stars if the book ended on page 117, but since it did not and I have to rate the entire book... I will give it two stars only. I hate writing a negative review for a book that is not even on the market yet, but a review must be truthful. So here it goes...

To start, the title is wrong for this book. There was nothing sweet about this story; even the main character would rather have salt over sweets. The first half was interesting. I enjoyed reading about Pythias' relationship with her father and how he taught her so many wonderful things. The second half felt like I was being rushed through a series of events. It felt like the author had done a lot of research and was trying to cram all that information in part II and III. It was too superficial. I would have like to get more details in order to really understand Pythias' decisions. She was being swayed by the tides of her "not so sweet" life and appeared to have no say in the matter. The end was without consequence and left me wondering if there was really anything worth remembering about this book.


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