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Review: The Mystwick School of Musicraft

The Mystwick School of Musicraft by Jessica Khoury
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Middle-grade books are the best remedy for any reading slump. I have been reading a lot of thrillers and historical novels lately and I needed something light and exciting. The Mystwick School of Musicraft was exactly that and more. It is the story of Amelia, a twelve-year-old, who has dreamt all her life to attend the Mystwick School of Musicraft just like her mother did. Amelia lost her mother when she was four years old and was raised by her grandmother. Through unusual events, Amelia is accepted in the school, but she will have to prove that she belongs there. She will face many obstacles from her teachers, her peers, and even a ghost. Does Amelia have what it takes to stay at Mystwick or will she fail?

This book is compared to the Harry Potter Series. I have not read HP and if it is as good as this book is, I am now tempted to give it a try. If you like magic and adventures, this book delivers exactly that. …

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