Thursday, October 13, 2011

What a surprise!!!

I am blessed with such wonderful and caring friends. Who can ask for more? My DT and friends have put together a blog hop in honour of my birthday! I found out early this morning by mistake. I usually do not check my bog until I get to work, but my BlackBerry is not working properly and needed to sync it. When I checked my email, I was surprise to see a lot of activity coming from my blog. I checked and Wow!!

This is by far the best birthday gift I ever had! Friendship is the best gift! To know that friends care enough to go through all that trouble to let you know that they are there for you, is a wonderful feeling!!!  I am blessed with such friends. You are the best!!

Brenda  |  Carmen  |  Kim  |  Sara  |  Tracy  |  Trina  |  Gina

You made my day! Now I am late for work! :) I have the best excuse though!!


P.S. BTW if you have no clue what I am talking about, please start the journey at Brenda's Blog to get the details.


Brenda said...

Happy Birthday G!!! How fun this was to surprise you. We all love you and appreciate you very much!! Hugs~Have an amazing day, Bren

Sara I. said...

Happy Birthday G!!! Hoping your day is as special as you are! LUG! ~hugs

Sandi's Samples said...

You are an awesome lady Guylou!!! Happy Birthday!

Carla S. said...

Wishing you a very happy birthday, Guylou! I hope your day is filled with happiness and love!

Trina said...

Happy birthday, G! I hope your day is as wonderful as you are!

Kim Kelley said...

Hope you are having a wonderful day Miss G! You deserve it! HUGS AND KISSES!!!!! LUG

Anne Fenton said...

Gaylou, hope your Birthday is a great one.

Jo Ham said...

Happy Birthday Gaylou. Hope you have a very special day.

THERESA said...

Happy, Happy Birthday my dear friend, hope today is one super, exciting day with lots of surprises!!!
You truly are one special lady and i am blessed in knowing you. Thanks for enriching my life and so many others!!
We ALL Love you girl..............:))))
lotsa luv and hugs

Gina L said...

Hey, G!!! I'm glad it worked! We were teasing each other about being such a motley crew, with emails flying back and forth, issues with timing and spacing on our blogs, etc. We had a blast doing that for you and you deserved every bit of it and more. You are an awesome friend. Love you!!! Happy Birthday!!!!

Angela B. said...

Hiya Guylou! What amazing friends indeed! This was a wonderful treat! I hope you have a fabulous birthday! Eat some cake for me! Happy Birthday!

Colleen Holmes said...

Happy, Happy Birthday!!! Hugz, Colleen

PresentStorm said...

G Money! I hope you are enjoying your day!!
Love you my dear friend.

Hi...I'm Cindy said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY G! Hope you had a wonderful day, I'm the one that left a bday msg on the 12th, lol lol
I saw the birthday minder at The Outlawz on the 11 and it said guylou's birthday is tom, so I popped on over here to wish you happy birthday, then the next day it said it again, lol better early than never I guess, glad you had such an awesome surprise for your special day. P.S. we r both Libra's ;)YAY we rock!

Pat said...

Happy Birthday, Guylou! What a special surprise this blog hop must have been for you? I know you count your blessings in knowing how much your DT/friends care about you!

Anniebee said...

Happy Birthday again, Guylou! I started the hop on your birthday but got sidetracked right off the bat, after I viisted Bren's blog so I came back to see the rest today. What a great bunch of friends you have. It easy to see what they think of you and it was awesome seeing all of your wonderful images on their creations. I hope you're having a fantastic weekend.

Anne B.

Peggy T. said...

Guylou, First of all, Happy Birthday. I found your blog on Outlawz. I'm a new follower. I love your blog. Would love you to drop by mine.



Pryn said...

Hope that you had an amazing day, G! Love and hugs to you my DT Sistah!!!

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