Thursday, November 4, 2010

Toilet Paper Roll Box

I became a follower of So Not Mocha-vated and she had a wonderful tutorial on how to make pillow boxes using paper towel rolls. I inspired myself from their tuturial and created my own pillow boxes but using toilet paper rolls instead.

Step 1: Retrieve an empty toilet paper roll (hopefully, you won't have to go at the bottom of the garbage can to get it!)

Step 2: Flatten the roll using a bone folder for a crisp edge. I think a ruler would do the trick too.

Step 3: Using a round object such as a template cutter or a lid, trace a curve using a pointy object or your bone folder. This will help to fold the ends.

Step 4: Repeat the same on each ends on both sides.

Step 5: Cut a piece of paper the same width as the roll and long enough to go all the way around it. This is a great way to use your scraps.

Step 6: Apply a strong adhesive to one side of the roll. Make sure to put some along the ends.

Step 7: Carefully line up paper, adhere. Next, add adhesive to the other side of the roll and wrap the paper around. Secure the last flap with adhesive and adhere.

Step 8:  With a finger, push in one end of the roll.

Step 9: Repeat step 8 with all the folds and your pillow box is all done. 

 This pillow box is a perfect size for gift certificate, money or jewelery.

You can add a ribbon (as in the first image) or a big flower to give it a finished touch.

I hope you enjoy this!


Charlene said...

G - this is fantastic...thank you so much for sharing this wonderful tutorial. I have been wondering how to make these for awhile.

PresentStorm said...

Ok the germaphobe in me is cringing at the idea of the tp roll but the tutorial and final result are awesome. Great job G!

Flights of Fancy said...

What a great idea! I can't wait to get started!

Anonymous said...

fantastic idea

Nova T. said...

Yeah, I'm with PresentStorm. TP rolls, I'm not so sure about. I think I'd rather just cut a paper towel roll in half. Otherwise, totally pretty and very clever!

Anonymous said...

maybe all TP rolls are not created equally. mine was very hard to bend the ends, very thick cardboard.

Anonymous said...

Awesome <3 Totally in love with this idea, sure will be using it :D

Anonymous said...

I don't use TP rolls, but you could use cardstock and make your own. The end technique is great though...thanks!


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful idea! Thank you for sharing.

luky begum said...

I just came to your post and reading above thing it is very impressive me and it is very nice blog. Thanks a lot for sharing this.

robin hood said...

An enormous round of applause, continue the great

Desire Fourie said...

Awesome tutorial. Thanks for sharing. I will definitely be upcycling some TP rolls.
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