Saturday, November 20, 2010

Reminiscing on wonderful winter memories

Growing up, we used to live for snow days. Where I grew up, we get on average 3 meters (over 10 feet) of snow every winter. Every school day, we would get up and look outside. If snowflakes were falling, the radio would be turned on and we would listen expectantly to see if the schools would be opened or closed. The house would fill with cheers when the weatherman would announce that the schools are closed.

We would eat a good warm breakfast and bundle up in our sturdy snowsuits. If mom said "Dress some more", we would just layer it up until she would be satisfied that we would not freeze to death. We would then ran out of the house, grab our sleds and head for the hills. Kids would already be there and the fun would begin. Snowflakes would surround us and the wind would bite our already red and runny noses and make our faces tingle.

We would sled down the hill, then build a snowman or a fort, make angels in the snow and start a snow ball fight to claim our territories. By lunch time, we would hear our moms calling us to come in for a bite. Hot chocolate and warm food would be waiting for us. No time to waste though, as soon as we would be done, we would return to Winter Wonderland and do it all over again.

I am all grown up now and moved away from home due to work. There is not much snow where I live now, but some morning I walk out of the house to discover that it snowed all night. Every thing looks so much better with that fresh blanket of snow. As I walk to my car, I can't resist to pick up some snow and form it into a snow ball and reminisce once more on those wonderful winter memories.

Card details:
Chuck Sledding by Guylou's Inimitability
Inside sentiment:
I hope your birthday will be as fun as a snow day!
Happy Birthday!
Hat: B91, B93, B97
Skin: E000, E00, E02, R20
Hair: E53, E57
Scarf: B97, B91, Y26, Y21
Coat: Y26, Y23, Y21
Pants: E21, E27, E29
Sled: G14, G16, G19
Sled Rope: G59
Boots: N7
Snow: BG10
Provo Papers
Paper Company - Value Pack
Dollarama Crafts Foam Snowflakes
Dollarama Crafts Pearls
Stickles Icicle


Scrappin Chris said...

Memories indeed. Love it. Awww I had very similar memories.

THERESA said...

Love the childhood memories, something we can carry with us always!! Stunning card, you got lisence girl!!

Brenda said...

Love it!! Love your memories! Loved the snow as a child, but dang I hate to drive in it!!

Trina said...

What a cute card! I remember having to bundle up in a snow suit before school and the horror of getting snow inside my snow boots!

Carmen said...

I like your card! And the image is totally awesome. Thank you!

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