Wednesday, September 22, 2010

My Homemade Copic Holder

I have been looking for a Copic holder for months. My friend Brenda used a wooden wine rack and I thought it was a great idea, but just could not find one in my area. I started to search on the net and found many racks for sale, but being the creative person that I am, I was convinced that I would find a way to make my own and that it would be original and different than what is available out there.

Tonight I was shopping at a dollar store and saw something that got my creativity juice going. There, right in front or me, were these beautiful tin cans, deep enough to contain my Copics and a perfect square to be able to stack them side by side and one on top of the other. I bought nine of them and some double side tape and went home as quick as I could to start my project.

Step 1. I applied two strips of double sided tape on two sides of the first tin can. I made sure that I did not go to the edge of the top or bottom of the can so that the tape would not show.

Step 2. I removed the paper on the strip of double sided tape to reveal the glue and pressed another can against the first one on the glued side. I made sure they were lined up. I repeated the same step for the third can. I then put two strips of tape on the other two cans on the same side as the first one.

Step 3.  I repeat Step 2 with three other cans and removed the paper from the strips on the first three cans. I lined up the second set of three cans and pressed them against the first set.

Step 4. I repeated Step 3 and glued the third set of three cans.
Step 5. In order to made sure my holder would not slide on my desk and give a little angle to the holder to stop the Copics from falling off. I used a wine cork from which I cut three slices with an Exacto knife.

Step 6. I put double sided tape on the cork slices and glued them to the bottom cans. Making sure that they would be front and centered.

And there you have it, your own handmade Copic holder. All this for about $12.

It looks even better with Copics in it! :) Although now I really want to buy more to fill it up a bit. I kept the covers and can close the tin cans if I want (especially then there are young children around). This was a fun and easy project!


Gina L said...

Fabulous idea, G. I love how it turned out! You go with your creative self.

THERESA said...

You are the BOMB!!!! I just love what you did here....hug,hug,hug.............:)

Scrappin Chris said...


Brenda said...

I love it. So creative!!!! Yup, time for a shopping trip to fill it up. I know of a store near me. :)

PresentStorm said...

Wow G!! Very cool and creative.. you go girl!

Kim Kelley said...

Looking good missy!!! It gives you LOTS of room to expand your collection of copics!

Patti Moore said...

I just LOVE this idea!... Thanks for the budget-friendly inspiration!! :)

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