Friday, September 10, 2010

My Friend Tracy

Tracy and I met on a chat room... two year ago, I think. Time flies when we have fun! She invited me to join her COF (Circle of Friends) on and it touched me deeply. I tried to participate in the conversations at first, but found it very difficult to keep up. I quickly gave up and stopped visiting the chat. A few weeks later; I decided to give it a try again. Tracy was online and we had a wonderful chat. She explained to me how to follow the conversation and encouraged me to participate. I was hooked.

The more I talked with her, the more I found out that we had a lot in common. She is a wonderful person; so genuine and friendly. She is also a great cheerleader; always helping you through whatever you might be facing in your life. She is truly a beautiful person... inside out! I had the pleasure to meet her in person while I was on a business trip in Houston. It is just amazing how two people from two parts of the world can become friends; that's not chance! That's destiny!

Not only do I admire Tracy as a person; I am also a big fan of her creative work. I often look into her galleries and get inspiration. Tonight was one of those moments. I have to do a bunch of Thanksgiving cards and needed some inspiration for a card design. I remembered that wonderful card (shown on the left) she posted on my group on CDAC recently and thought it would be perfect for what I was trying to do. I practically copied the card as it is so beautiful!

When I started my digistamp business, I asked Tracy to be on my DT (Design Team). Her colouring skills are out of this world! She has taught me how to use Copics and continue to pass along some colouring tips she is learning. She makes my digistamps look so good!!! She has been a great encourager by promoting my digistamps on her personal blog and by participating in the different groups I have on several craft sites. She is a blessing to me!

Oh! I guess I should show you my version of her card! Thanks for the inspiration Tracy!! Thanks for being my friend!


PresentStorm said...

Aweeeeeeeee, I was very touched by this post G! Thank you so much... You are a huge blessing to me as well and I admire your talent and creative work too. Thank you for being such an awesome friend!! LUG!

Brenda said...

She really is such a blessing, as well as so very talented!!! Wonderful blog about her!

Gina L said...

Aw, G, you are so sweet to remind the world of what a wonderful, caring person our Tracy is.

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