Thursday, September 30, 2010

Harlequin - BD card for my brother

My brother Raymond's birthday is coming up and I decided to use Harlequin for his card. My brother loves art. One of his favorite paintings is a Pablo Picasso's oil painting entitled Paulo, Picasso's Son, as Harlequin. In the 70s, he gave a reproduction to my parents and they still have it in their house to this day. I love that painting too! There is something about that little boy that appears so well behave. I could just imagine how he was longing to run outside and play with his friends, but could not as he had to stay still while his father was sketching this painting. How many times we find ourselves in similar situations when we just want to be free, but are stuck doing something that was not our choice in the first place. Maybe it is just me, maybe this never happens to you!

Harlequin (a.k.a. Arlequin) originally came from France. He was a black-faced emissary of the devil, is said to have roamed the countryside with a group of demons chasing the damned souls of evil people to Hell. But to me he was the puppet that always hit the other puppets on the head with a wooden stick. Such violence!!! And we used to laugh at that! Today this would not be tolerated. Thank God!

Harlequin is also a sharp dresser. Not too many people could pull off the paisley outfit! Except fancy dressed golfers! LOL!!

A few weeks ago I drew my own Harlequin digistamp to give as a freebie when my group on Crafter's Digital Art Center reached 100 members. I wanted to offer an image that can be used for kid and adult cards. I was planning to make a card with him and post it at that time, but ran out of time. But when I looked at my list of upcoming birthdays and saw my brother's name on it; I knew I had to use him for his card.

For the inside sentiment, I decided to go funny. Since it is in French, I will give my best shot to translate the humour:
How wonderful to be young,
in health and full of energy...

Do you remember those good old days?!
Happy Birthday!

Stamp:  Harlequin (coming soon in my online store)
Card Size: 5 x 7
Paper:  Various
Technique:  inked edge


Brenda said...

I bet he loved this card!

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